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Strengthen your relationship with existing customers and reach out to new customers

Grow revenue through customer repurchasing powered by our platform

Manage and track orders, payments and fulfillment in one place and access it anytime

Customer Services

Find great local tailors in your area recommended by your friends

Schedule measurements and fittings with your tailor

Save your orders and easily re-order items that you love on the go

About Us

Stylo believes in the power of technology in enabling small businesses to better reach and engage their customers online. Technology also increases productivity and reduces the cost of doing business through cutting down on the time needed to track orders or payments, so that the business can focus on  – the things that matter – their customers and products.

Stylo was co-founded by Michelle and Eric in Singapore in Spring 2017.  The idea for Stylo came to us as we realised that we could help tailors better leverage on technology to build stronger relationships with their customers, and make it simpler and more convenient to re-order something you love. We are excited to announce we have now launched the beta version of Stylo with the support of our tailor partners. Please reach out to us via email if you are a tailor and wish to be a part of our growing Stylo community.

Stylo is based in Singapore

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